Contemporary Books, 3 years +, Puffin Books

Follow the Line through the house

Words & Illustration by Laura Ljungkvist

Published by Puffin Books

I first came across this book when I discovered the instagram account of Laura Ljungkvist. I was immediately drawn to her collage style of illustration and use of bold lines. The refrigerator spread is just fabulous. A treasure trove of detail with so many different items to locate and identify.

This book reminded me of William Wondriska's book "A Long Piece of String", originally published in 1963. Click here to see the earlier review. 

I was very disappointed when Ljungqvist told me that this book was currently out of print (unless you want the Japanese version). Lucky for me, my local library has a fabulous selection of children's books and a great selection of Ljungkvist's books.  

As the title of the book suggests, the reader is encouraged to follow the line through the house. The bold black line takes the reader through the many rooms of the house including the kitchen, basement, bedroom, closet, bathroom cabinet and toy box to name but a few. Some of the pages include questions or challenges for the reader to locate missing items or count objects. One such example is "Can you find the ring that fell out of the jewellery box?"

Keep an eye out for Ljungqvist's daughter's artwork pinned to the wall of the playroom. This is such a sweet detail and made me re-read the book to see what other hidden gems (some literally) I had overlooked. It is likely that the objects contained within the treasure chest page belong to her family too - including the handwritten postcard and old family photos. These charming details are wonderful.  

Ljungqvist's latest book "A Line Can Be" was released 2 weeks ago by pow! The playful board book is aimed at younger readers from 2 years of age and explores the concept of opposites. I'm looking forward to getting my hands on a copy for my little one. 

Reviewed by Georgia White