Vintage Books, 0 - 2 years, Golden Books Publishing

Pat the Bunny

Words & Illustration by Dorothy Kunhardt

Published by Golden Books Publishing Company

The Easter Bunny came a day early in our house. I could not wait to put this 1940's classic through the hard yards with my little one.

Each page shows the characters Paul or Judy involved in an activity and the young reader is invited to participate. Activities include peekaboo, look in the mirror, make the dolly's ball squeak and waving bye-bye. 

Pat the Bunny is a touch and feel book and introduces young children to the senses, even smell. The 'smell the flowers' page is embedded with the scent of old lady perfume (flowers). Strange but true. And while taste is not depicted on the pages, my little one has already started eating the book. 

I was very keen to see if my little one would in fact pat the bunny and feel Daddy's scratchy face. This book did not disappoint and we shared many giggles as we joined Paul and Judy in their many activities. 

Some of the pages are a little bit cumbersome (and strange) with a squeaky ball or rattle box inserted between the pages. It is also quite unusual to see a book presented with a plastic comb binding. It does remind me of a workplace document or school assignment and I am not sure how durable it will be with a curious toddler who puts everything in her mouth. With this said, I have no doubt that this sweet and simple book will be a hit. 

Reviewed by Georgia White