3 years +, Contemporary Books, Hatchette Children's

Please Mr Panda

Words and Illustration by Steve Antony

Published by Hachette Children's Group

If your little one forgets to use please or thank you then this might just be the perfect book for your little library. Simple and amusing, Mr Panda carries a tray of doughnuts and offers them to a number of animals including a penguin, skunk, ostrich and orca. As you would expect, all of the animals say yes but the panda changes his mind and does not give them away. It is not until an upside down ring tailed lemur uses the word 'please' that the panda decides to give them away.

Little readers will be reminded of the importance of manners and they will love it when they realise why Mr Panda is not sharing his doughnuts.  Adults will love the deadpan expression on the panda's face. 

I love the restrained use of colour in this book. All of the animals in this book are monochrome. Generally, the page background is grey and the only vibrant colour on each page is the tray of doughnuts that tempts each animal. The endpapers of this book are filled with hundreds of doughnuts and are delicious! Make sure to look out for the lemur hidden amongst the doughnuts in the front endpaper.