Gecko Press, Contemporary Books, Bilingual Books, 3 years +

Ko Wai E Huna Ana? (Who is Hiding?)

Words and illustration by Satoru Onishi

Te Reo Maori translation by Paora Tibble

Published by Gecko Press

My husband brought this bright coloured book home for my little one after a recent work trip to New Zealand. Bright and simple, each page has 18 cute animals posing with a question. Who is hiding? Who is crying? Who is backwards? Who is who? This book is fun and interactive and little ones will learn to name animals, colours, count and recognise expressions. 

Released to celebrate Maori Language Week in New Zealand, this book introduces beginner level Te Reo Maori. It is a great book for children and adults to learn Maori with the naming of animals. 

I love to include foreign language books in our little library. I don't for one minute kid myself that my little one will become a fluent speaker of another language because of the bilingual books we include in our library. However, I do believe that it is really important to introduce little ones to other languages at a young age so that they can start to think about their own cultural identity and their place within the world. And our indigenous cultures should be a part of this education. 

Originally published in Japanese, this book is also available in English and many other languages. With simple sentences and the focus on finding the odd one out on each page it did not matter that we can't read Maori. The question posed on each page was fairly obvious for the adult reader. However, I did check the english translation of each sentence just to be sure. Thank you google translate! 

This book is fantastic fun for young children but is just as suited to anyone who wants to learn Te Reo Maori.