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Orange Pear Apple Bear

Words and Illustration by Emily Gravett

Published by Macmillan Children's Books

Emily Gravett has perfected simplicity with this delicious board book for babies. 

Simple, funny and playful. The four words in the title are rearranged and repeated to create a playful series of sweet illustrations that depict an orange, pear, apple and bear. The order and punctuation of the words change the meaning depicted on each page of the book. Imagination is ripe with the changing appearance of the cuddly bear and his lively and mischievous antics with his soon-to-be devoured lunch. The varied combinations and accompanying illustrations make this book a great primer for the introduction of colours, shapes and simple language.

The book's illustrations are perfectly minimalist. Softly outlined sketches are filled with the muted watercolours of orange, green and brown and a crisp white background makes each of the illustrations stand out. 

Using only five words (orange, pear, apple, bear and there), the repetition and rhyming of these words creates an enchanting tempo and spoken rhythm. 

This book is a little surreal and really funny! It is wonderful to find a board book for babies that is just as amusing for adults and children alike. To enliven the imagination of your little one, this book will certainly bear fruit! (Sorry about the pun.) 

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The Paper Dolls

Words by Julia Donaldson

Illustrated by Rebecca Cobb

Published by Macmillan Children's Books

This book is hilariously wonderful! Reading it makes me so excited to be a creative & playful mum to my gorgeous little one. And it has THE funniest character names I've ever come across. Look out for Jim with two noses, Fred with one eyebrow & Jackie the Backie. 

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Contemporary Books, 3 years +, Macmillan Children's Book

All Mine!

Words & Illustration by Zehra Hicks

Published by Macmillan Children's Books

The tale of a greedy seagull and a sneaky mouse. These illustrations are fabulous! I love the paintbrush strokes, block print lettering and delicious cake collages.

Reviewed by Georgia White