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How Many?

Words & Sculptures by Ron Van Der Meer

Paper engineering at its finest. This book is colourful and seriously epic! An architectural masterpiece in it's own right. 

I love presents. And presents for no reason are the best kind! My gorgeous friend AB surprised my little one with this stunner over the weekend. And while she is a little too young to appreciate it's beauty and would prefer to eat it, I am very impressed!

Consisting of five spreads, the book invites readers to look for different shapes and colours within the epic paper sculptures that literally pop out of the pages.  The five sculptures include triangles, circles, squares, stars and lines. Interestingly, there is no front and back. All sculptures have been designed to look at them from all directions. 

Van Der Meer sets the reader a number of challenges on each page that include 'Which colour has the most triangles?', 'How many squares are transparent?', 'If you tilt the book do the squares change shape?', 'How many squares overlap?' The questions are thought provoking and math focused. Surely this is the perfect combination of fun and educational?

There is nothing to stop readers making up their own questions and rules - do shadows count as additional shapes? This book will keep the young and old equally amused for many hours. 

Reviewed by Georgia White