Kay Maguire

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Nature's Day

Words by Kay Maguire

Illustration by Danielle Kroll

Published by Wide Eyed Editions

'Discover the world of wonder on your own doorstep' is a fantastic tagline for this book. The book starts in Spring and investigates the distinct features of each new season by revisiting 8 locations - the garden, the veggie patch, the woods, the farm, the fields, the pond, the orchard and the street. 

Author and gardener Kay Maguire, who trained at the Kew Royal Botanic Gardens has shared her vast knowledge of gardens and wildlife. Maguire has filled this book with so much detail and information that families could read one page or the whole book depending on the time you have available or the attention span of your little ones. Interesting and fun information is shared within this book by way of short, detailed and factual comments. It would be great to pull out this book at the start of each new season to be reminded of the amazing changes occurring on your own doorstep. The contents page at the beginning of the book can be used by families at the start of each new season to read the pages that are relevant at that particular time of the year. 

Danielle Kroll's illustrations are simple and have been executed with a very confident hand stroke (albeit a digital one in this instance). Only a handful of colours have been used to represent each item and it is very clever that she has been able to simplify animals, plants and the landscape down to a just a few strokes. It is beautiful how Kroll's colour palette changes subtly throughout the book to represent the change of the season. The illustrations have been created digitally and have been positioned en masse to create extremely colourful and detailed page spreads. Each page is a feast for the eyes!  

Another Wide Eyed Editions publication. I should get shares in their company! I love their work and the curiosity in our world that they inspire. 

Reviewed by Georgia White