Marion Bataille

Pop-Up Books, 6 years +


Paper Engineered by Marion Bataille 

This is a book that needs to be held. It is awesome to experience the creation of each new letter as you turn each page and a new letter pops, slides, spins and appears. The design of this book is seriously clever.  Bataille has detailed an elaborate series of folds, cuts and glued edges to create each unique letter. The finished artwork is simple, elegant and bold with a striking colour palette of red, white and black.

The book documents all 26 letters in the alphabet and each letter moves and changes before your eyes. The letter 'A' pops out of the page, 'B' slides out from within the page, 'C' & 'D' flip out to reveal their true identity, 'S' spins within the page and the letter 'V' is reflected to reveal the letter 'W'. You get the idea, each letter is creatively unique. I think the adults in your home may enjoy this book more than the kids! 

Reviewed by Georgia White