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The Dawn Chorus

Words and Illustration by Suzanne Barton

Published by Bloomsbury Publishing

A beautiful story about self discovery and the anguish felt by a little nightingale as he tries to find his place in the world. 

'Peep' wakes to a beautiful song and decides to follow the tune. The story introduces a number of animals including an owl, mouse, frog before he finally finds the Dawn Chorus - a tree full of birds that sing together every morning. 'Peep' is very excited to audition to join the group but is so disappointed to find that he can't stay awake to perform at his early morning audition. Feeling sad and alone, 'Peep' finds another bird who likes singing in the night and discovers that he is a Nightingale and has his own beautiful song to share.  

Using a combination of collage, drawing and painting, Barton has created the sweetest illustrations. Bird wings, feathers, tree leaves, flowers, music notes and the insides of the various animal's ears have been illustrated using collage and an exquisite range of textured and patterned papers. The muted colour palette and vintage charm of the papers used in the collage perfectly complements this gentle story. And the book itself must be mentioned, I loved the textured cover of the book and the metallic copper lettering of the title. 

My little one loves to listen to birdsong in our garden. This book is a great introduction for the many types of birds that we will see and hear together. The story also introduces the concept of nocturnal birds. This gentle tale is a perfect bedtime story for little ones.