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I'm Shy

Words and sculptures by David A. Carter

Published by Walker Books

This charming pop-up book is read on repeat in our household. Like no other, my little one is completely entranced. "Who is in the hole?"

The bashful octopus needs a little bit of encouragement, but with each turn of the page he slowly reveals a little more of himself. And just as he introduces himself as "shy" he slowly disappears back in to the hole. 

The paper sculptures have been meticulously designed by the talented David A. Carter so that the octopus literally moves in an out of his hole as he slowly reveals himself. The sweet little octopus exudes so much character that he really does appear to be alive.

This book is very sweet and perfect for the littlest of readers. While it will be necessary to restrain little fingers to avoid losing any tentacles, the movement of eyes and tentacles as they dart across the page or pop out of the book are fascinating for babies and toddlers.